Lake Scanno is in Abruzzo, in the upper valley of river Sagittarius, made up from a landslide from Mount staccatasi Genzana, which crossed the river.

There are trails which depart from the lake, and events in neighboring countries: Scanno, Villalago, Frattura, Anversa degli Abruzzi.

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la "fotogallery" del territorio

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Scanno: An Enchanted Nature in a Timeless Face

A Heart of Nature embraced by Mountains
The high Sagittarius Valley is a huge amphitheatre of mountains that often exceed the 2000 metres, with the lake in the middle. Most of the territory is between two major ridges, opposing one another. the charming basin of Lake Scanno (1 square km surface), is the result of a landslide occurred in the post-glacial age. Around these magical waters, awarded with the Blue Flag, a walk on foot, on horseback or mountain bike is compulsory.

Almost everything that surrounds the visitor, here in the territory of scanno, is protected sites, identified by the Ministry of Environment as sites of Community interest (sic areas). Here we can find limestone hills with glacial erosion (circuses), screes, valleys with steep slopes, plateaux rich in springs, extended beech, woods of Turkey oaks and Pinus nigra pinewood.

These are established breeding sites for tha wolf, the Marsican bear, the chamois and the wild cat.
Among the rare animal and plant species are the Arvicola of the snow (Microtus nivalis) and variety of wild garlic
, Allium phthioticum while the gentian is located on Mount Genzana, from which the plant probably took its name. We also find beautiful flowers such as the Orchid Nigritella, the Giglio martagone and the many routes. An interesting route, but not for all, is the one going to the Stazzo of Montagna Grande and to Mount Argatone; other less demanding paths lead on the Mount Genzana, on the Rovere, on the Ciminiere Pass and on the Terratta Top. Godo Pass and mount Rotondo satisfy all winter sports lovers.

From Questua Songs to the glories of Halloween
We are in abruzzo, a region that more than others, perhaps for its natural isolation, still keeps strong ties whit tradition. Scanno confirms this rule organism every year particularly fascinating events. Following the holiday calendar, we mention the most representative festivals, like the one on 5th and 6th january in which they celebrate the "Night of Chezette" (Serenade of stockings), a unique Quest song. On this occasion group of boys, equipped whit musical instruments, go singing under girls' house windows until they celebrate St. Antony Barone (Abate), said the Lily; after the religious ceremony, the sagne, a hand-made pasta, are cooked inside huge copper boilers.
At Easter time, the procession of the Holy Friday, whit the singing of Our lady of the Lake is accompained from the churc on the lake to the parish churc in procession.
The festival of St. Anthony (the Lily) represented the return of flocks from Puglia, on the next Sunday following 13th June. On 10th August there is the festival of St. Lorenzo, while on 14th August the historical evocation of a wedding procession called "Ju catenacce" (the bolt), in typical
costumes, is held, leading the bride to churc and later to the new husband's home. Two days later, on 16th, a wonderful candlelight on the shores of the lake can be admired. On 20th September they celebrate St. Eustachio, with a peculiar procession. In autumn there is the dance of Pupazza (1st Sunday in October) and the festival of S. Martino (10th November evening). Finally the Living Nativity, represented from 28 december to the esrly days of January, in traditional costumes fron Scanno. Among the several events, we name the international "Scanno price", taking place in summer, and the "International Photography Award", held since 1998.


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